I have over 8 years of experience in Architectural Draughting and Design using both traditional hand drawn plans as well as AutoCAD to create floorplans and mechanical drawings. Using these skills I have been able to create game maps for an ongoing Dungeons and Dragons game that I have been running for several years now and have been streaming online. I have also used my artistic talents to draw custom artwork for my players either of characters that they play or NPC's that have appeared in our games. I have worked as a freelance commission artist for 20 years, creating maps for others for their own tabletop games. I have a love of gaming and story creation, that I try to put into any project that is related to the subject. I have experience working with others as part of a team, being able to meet the high demands and time constraints put in place for the packaging and distribution of supplies for military families and family members, while maintaining a safe and friendly work environment. These skills, aswell as being able to work with clients or people personally or working independently. I feel that I would be a great asset to any organization and would onely lead to their continued success and growth.

Al's Paint and Plaster, London, UK --
August 2018 - Present

Freelance Commission Artist, London, UK--
1999 - Present

Beta Tester
Part of group of Beta testers for NCSoft and Bethesda. Testing game titles "City of Heroes: Going Rogue" and "The Elder Scrolls Online".

Defense Commissary Agency, Fort Detrick, Maryland, USA -- Independent Contractor
2002 - 2004

Volunteer Works -- Volunteer
1995 - Present

Contributing Artist


Frederick Community College, Frederick, Maryland, USA --

Governor Thomas Johnson High School, Frederick, Maryland, USA -- High School Diploma

Hobbies and Interests

Tabletop RPGs and Video Games. Such as Star Trek Online, the Fallout Series, Dungeons and Dragons.

Science Fiction
Fan of Science Fiction TV shows and movies, including Star Trek, Star Wars, The Expanse, Doctor Who, and animation.

Hand crafting books using traditional methods.

Art & Design
Creating works of art for personal or commercial use in homes games and for sale.