1. What is "Wolf Eclipse"?

2. Who is Cory Belote?

3. How do I commission Cory?

4. What is "Mega Fantasy"?

5. What is "Hard Points"?

- What is Wolf Eclipse?

"Wolf Eclipse" originally started out as a joint venter between two high school friends, both looking to start their own website away from the restrictions of other start-up and popular public galleries. This partnerships however fell a part short after the creation of the website and the settlement of a name that would combine two things both artists and friends liked. With the partnership disolved and things already in the works, Wolf Eclipse instead transformed into the personal website of Cory "Core" Belote. By some strange coincidence, the wolf icon used as a logo was later discovered to match that of a wolf or fox head on the family coat of arms for the Belote family.

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- Who is Cory Belote?

Born on the lower Eastern Shore of Virginia, Cory has traveled a great deal being part of a military family. Over the years he put his slight talents in art and his creativity to use, developing comic shorts for friends. Later developing a sprite comic called "Mega Fantasy" and a drawn comic "Folf!". He is constantly working on new projects as they form in his head, or on private contracts.

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- How do I commission Cory?

You can commission Cory by checking out the "Shop" link, which has prices and contact information for commissioning artwork, as well as the status of commissions.

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- What is "Mega Fantasy"

A long time ago ( 2002 to be exact ), Cory got the idea to make a sprite comic after meetin with a few other sprite comic makers at conventions such as Otakon. It is about the adventures of a group of friends ( all based upon high school friends of Cory ) as they are taken from their RPG like world and thrust into an alternate reality where the game and comic series of the Rockman/Mega Man universe is real. The group then tries to find a way back home and undo damage in the timeline they caused by their arrival.

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- What is "Hard Points"?

"Hard Points" is another project by Cory Belote, show casing different weapons from different media that actually have real world equivilants. - Currently Under Development -

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